ABOUT Cool Flash LLC has developed a patent-pending, all natural product that can manage the hot flash, a vasomotor symptom of menopause.

STAGE Angel, Seed

INDUSTRY FemTech, Health/Wellness

INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY $250K. Additional $150K include FDA approval/510 clearance

USE OF PROCEEDS *U.S. and International patents pending, currently filing counter claims and presume interviews with USTPO. *Trademark Menopatch. *Manufacture and package an initial product run in China to test various sales processes. *FDA approval filing.

PRIOR TESTING Formal concept testing by Accupoll.



Dr. Miriam Baker, MPH, Ph.D., Sex therapist and public health educator

Dr. Alyssa Dweck, MD, MS, FACOG, OB/GYN and author

Dr. Nyri Grigorian, LCSW, Ph.D., Psychotherapist and relationship expert

Interim CEO

Connie Connors, a seasoned entrepreneur

Contact us:

Connie Connors



URL: Menopatch.com (work in progress)



BUSINESS SUMMARY  Menopatch is a discrete, safe and effective, non-hormonal portable and disposable product that can manage the hot flash vasomotor symptom. It is easily placed in a woman’s undergarment with a removeable adhesive strip.

NEED  According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI,) in research of American women ages 40-65 years-old, 79% of women reported very distressing vasomotor symptoms in the form of  >7 severe hot flashes per day (43% of all women worldwide, 1.61 billion.) Between the years of 2007-2010, hot flashes occurred in 76% of women living in Europe and 58% of women living in N.A. 45-47% was reported in women living in Africa, Asia and Australia. Note that recent data suggests a median menopause duration of 7.4 years and a potential duration of upward of 15 years.

MARKET  The only solutions for hot flashes are hormonal replacement, centrally acting antidepressants and herbal remedies. There are companies producing pads for other uses such as vaginal varicose veins, but they require heating or cooling prior to use.

SOLUTION  The heart shaped pad (2.25”) is filled with a gel, similar to BeKoolTM, and covered with an undyed, fragrance free cotton and an adhesive. The heart design is important because of the pointed placement on the clitoris. The pad provides a consistent and immediate cooling sensation within 60 seconds and up to four to six hours.

MILESTONES  Formal concept testing has been completed. Patent pending actions are proceeding. Trademark pending. We just changed patent attorneys to take us the next mile. (A pharma patent specialist in D.C. who is a woman.)  We have been in touch with Chinese manufacturers but have begun working with a Chinese supply chain intermediary.

COMPETITION  There are dozens of products, herbal remedies and flower extracts that claim to alleviate hot flashes. None of these function on a neurosensory level. Menopatch has a unique and distinct mechanism of action.

GO TO MARKET  We can manufacture/package units in <30 days. Our estimated costs currently are $.25 per unit based on an initial run of 10,000. We will use the initial run to test packaging (boxes of 10, 20, 30) and sales channels (Facebook ads, online direct and in-store trials.)